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How to Increase Workforce Productivity By Adding Workplace Competition

According to a recent survey, nearly half of senior managers believe that employee competitiveness has increased over the last decade.

Orchestrating internal competition is a good way to increase workforce productivity and leverage the natural undercurrent that exists in an organization. Creating and recognizing a fast-track organizational achievement is a brilliant management move.

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How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Professional Business Coaching

Working solo can be demanding. It’s common for entrepreneurs to underestimate the demands of running a business. They often miscalculate the time and knowledge required for marketing, selling, bookkeeping and even customer service. So when obstacles and challenges pop up, it can get very stressful and frustrating. Having someone to bounce ideas off and help with your business development, management and team building is a huge help in the midst of wearing so many hats.

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How To Get People To Buy In to Your Ideas

t’s not always easy to get people to buy into an idea. Even if it’s a smart idea – and you are totally convinced that it’s the best possible solution — some people will be hard to convince. Leadership training can help provide processes and skills that enable you to build support for your idea.

How do you get naysayers to people to follow you? How do you get skeptical people to buy into your vision? What can you do to share your thoughts and opinions in the most effective way?

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How To Avoid Three Words In The Work Place That Trigger Defensive Reactions

The depth of your communication skills as a manager or a business leader can often mean the difference between success and failure. Leadership communication training can make all the difference in helping you get this right. A coach will help you implement your training in real life situations so that you can make what you learned in your training relevant and actionable. A real life situation is always different than the “training” situation.

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