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Why Transformational Leadership Training is Invaluable for a New CEO inheriting existing staff

Being the new kid on the block and the leader are not easy. Staff will not automatically know what you expect nor will they necessarily fall into alignment with your vision. In addition to a preexisting corporate culture and social hierarchy, you very often have political sensitivities, back stories, and even latent conflicts, making communications messy.

How do you make it work? As a new leader, the first critical step is to be certain you have alignment of purpose (i.e., everyone at least facing the same direction).

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How Employee Assessment Tools Can Save You From Bad Hiring Decisions

The right employees will help drive your business forward. Hiring is one of the most critical activities in which business owners engage and one of the most feared, and personality assessments can be an appropriate tool. New employees cost money; it takes time and resources to recruit, interview, and train new employees. Applying a personality assessment can help you hit the ball out of the park on the first pitch and not lose out on that investment; conversely, making a wrong choice is disruptive and far more costly than any employee assessment tools.

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How to Recognize When Your Leadership Style Is No Longer Effective

Leaders can become entrenched in a particular style when, after experiencing an initial success, they adopt the style as a sole “winning strategy”. The reality is that effective leadership styles change and evolve with the culture that we operate in. To stay fixed or rigid in a particular style, especially if the results are no longer as forthcoming can actually stunt a leaders development and efficacy. How can leaders overcome this challenge?

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One Of The Benefits of Business Coaching Is Helping Illuminate Your Own Strategies For Success

In this entire coaching process—including and especially strategizing—the coachee must find answers from within. As Carnegie wisely points out, a person led to an “opinion” or a course of action against their will has not grown or changed, and the chances of the strategy yielding success are slim to none. On the other hand, when a coachee develops a plan of action (Invented Here) and rallies the determination to implement it, he or she will gain enormous traction from the experience. More than simply resolving an issue, the action steps increase self-esteem. For a coach, this is the most favorable outcome.

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Mobilize Your Mission And Vision By Defining Your Core Values

A vision statement guides your organization and captures the reasons why you are in business. The intention of a mission statement is to define how your product or service is delivered. Together, your mission and vision statements define you.

Defining your core values forms the underpinnings of your company and reflects what really matters to the people working in it.

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