Michael has an extraordinary skill set which he applies with good judgment in an Executive Coach with a strong business background. I highly recommend Michael for his proficiency, intuition, and… Read more “Ron Means”

Ron Means, Chair
Vistage International

Michael:  “I just wanted to let you know that Eric specifically came by my office to thank me for referring him to you.  He said that you have been a tremendous help to all… Read more “Norma Lambert MacLeod”

Norma Lambert MacLeod
Law and Mediation Office

“I will be forever thankful to Michael for his first-rate efforts. Without hesitation, he inspired me with his coaching; “ Thank you,… Read more “Sara Werner-Costa”

Sara Werner-Costa
Luxury Real Estate Advisor

“Thanks for your excellent coaching and… Read more “Tom Scripps, President”

Tom Scripps, President
Canyon Pacific Management

“Working with Michael Whatmore as my business coach is a great privilege for me. While supporting me in my goals, he has been instrumental in my achieving three distinct areas of business that I pursue… Read more “Dr. Cindy Sholes”

Dr. Cindy Sholes
Mind Wave Institute

Michael: “You sure got to see what happens as I venture into unfamiliar territory; your professionalism is appreciated. In retrospect, the whole coaching process was amazing for me and very educational. It helped me realize… Read more “Doug Barlow”

Doug Barlow
Shining Star International

“Michael, Can’t thank you enough for all of your help.  You are a great contribution to every aspect of my life as well as to our business… Read more “rREST Inc”

Dr. Mitra Ray, CEO

“Michael’s gentle communication style coupled with his business acumen inspired a better public speaker in me. I am now able to carry forward the healthful message of Acupuncture. More than a year later, we continue… Read more “Beth Schiffman B.A., L.AC, M.S.”

Beth Schiffman B.A., L.AC, M.S.
Founder, Many Lives Chinese Medicine

“I have participated in many (some extensive) management training programs over the course of my career, many of which were excellent and assisted my development. Michael Whatmore provided my direct reports and me with a… Read more “Michael Enxing”

Michael Enxing, VP Sales
Vertos Medical Inc.

“It is a pleasure to recommend Michael Whatmore. Feedback from participants is positive. A new group training program designed by Mike has shown positive results. Under his… Read more “Ed Craine”

Ed Craine - Executive Director
San Francisco West-Bay BNI Region

“I absolutely love Michael’s energy – – – so steady and penetrating – – – right to the point.  He is clearly present all the time.  I admire that ability to be… Read more “Barbara Bessey”

Barbara Bessey

Michael, “We had good leadership meetings today. Thank you for your coaching and guidance.\ Thank you for all your… Read more “Dan Sowell”

Dan Sowell, President
Midland Packaging & Crating

Michael – “Thank you so much for the wonderful training and mentoring at the recent RCC training.  Your caring for your students, your clients, and the coaching profession was unmistakable!   I look forward to not… Read more “R. ALAN SMITH, J.D.”


“Just wanted to thank you for your effort and pointing me in the right direction in terms of our marketing… Read more “Deepak Patankar”

Deepak Patankar, Founder
Evoco Architecture | Interiors

Michael: Since we’ve been working together our company and my relationship with my partner is heading in a wonderful direction. Better than ever expected! I’ve never been more hopeful for the growth and success of… Read more “Eric Ibsen, CEO,”

Eric Ibsen, CEO,
Studylog Systems Inc.

“Hi Michael, thank you SO MUCH! You are a business coach who has real knowledge, real experience and real success to draw from. I am skeptical about some business coaches, but you are the real… Read more “Jane Ransom, MA, C.Ht., M.Ht.”

Jane Ransom, MA, C.Ht., M.Ht.
Hypnotherapy That Works

“Michael I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you again. You were very generous with your time. I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open for possible… Read more “Jennifer Jaynes, Esq.”

Jennifer Jaynes, Esq.
The Law Office of Jennifer Jaynes

“Through much research and trial sessions with multiple coaches, we gratefully found our way to Executive Coaching San Francisco (ECSF). The coaching helped us talk through some deep differences and learn new communication skills. I… Read more “jennifer lightstone”

Jennifer Lightstone, Co-Owner

“Thanks for all of your great work Michael You helped us get through a very difficult situation and we couldn’t have done it without… Read more “Mark Choey”

Mark Choey, Top Producer
Climb Real Estate Group

“I am pleased to support of Michael Whatmore, an executive coach of great character at a time when management challenges had risen to new heights at De La Salle. Michael became immediately involved. Ever cooperative,… Read more “Bruce D. Shoup”

Bruce D. Shoup, President
De La Salle High School

“Michael is a very intuitive business leader, well-grounded in years of international experience. He is a statesman, a deep thinker,  Michael is part change agent, part ‘keep the ship afloat’, part sanity checker. When you choose… Read more “Craig Ackerman, Founder”

Craig Ackerman, Founder
Realtor® & Author

“I had the pleasure of meeting regularly with Michael when I was first taking on a new position as manager of a small team. Michael has a calm and clear-sighted approach to leadership – served… Read more “Anna Vilborg Hartwig, PhD”

Anna Vilborg Hartwig, PhD
Director of R&D, Toma Biosciences

“Michael is an accomplished and experienced executive professional with a talented gift to help other executives be successful. He has a unique ability to help CEO’s break through obstacles in their business to achieve their… Read more “Candice A. Katayama”

Candice A. Katayama
Creative, Strategic, Effective Sales and Marketing Professional

“Michael’s leadership abilities were essential in the creation and growth of GraceWorks. Michael kept us focused on shared goals and guided a collection of strong individuals into a team who produced a timely and effective… Read more “Deborah Frangquist”

Deborah Frangquist
Transformational Career Consulting & Executive Coaching

“Michael is extremely knowledgeable; his intuitive approach to business has helped keep me on track. Having his expertise to draw upon leads me to find better solutions and gain better results.  He truly cares about… Read more “Greg Corvi”

Greg Corvi, Top Producer
Marin and San Francisco Realtor

“Michael Whatmore helped me grow my business in many productive ways. He is an intuitive business coach with real-world business knowledge who listens thoughtfully and keeps me on track.  I favorably recommend his… Read more “Gwen O’Neill”

Gwen O'Neill
Franchise Partner

“What Michael can do for you is help you take it to the next level. As an experienced business coach, I highly recommend that you work with Michael to reach your goals and… Read more “Jeffrey Hutchins”

Jeffrey Hutchins
Commercial Realtor

“I felt my marketing consultancy business could benefit from a narrower focus of service offerings. I hired Michael to help me through the process – and got so much more than I had imagined or… Read more “Michelle Salta”

Michelle Salta
Creative operations + all things video

“Michael has such a depth of knowledge in all aspects of business. He listens, He made such a positive impact on my life and business.”… Read more “Tara Griffith Baker, MFT”

Tara Griffith Baker, MFT
CEO & Founder, Wellspace/The Connective

“Michael, was consistently kind, patient, and resourceful.  Michael’s coaching helped me clarify and reinforce visions. what an impact that his coaching… Read more “Sandra Possing”

Sandra Possing, Life Coach
Create an Extraordinary Life You Love

You gave me back my life! My teams are achieving more than ever imagined and for the first time, I now have time for my family! I have worked with Michael in the recent past… Read more “Sree Madadi”

Sree Madadi, M.Eng.
Global Executive Leadership Innovative Analytical & AI Products & Services

“Michael, Your guidance was effective and supportive. What I did not know was that you would also help me with employee relations and insightful reflections concerning the way my own style and temperament affects the… Read more “Robin Crawford”

Robin Crawford
Law Offices of Robin Crawford

“I have been working with Michael for roughly one year. Michael has helped me tremendously become a better leader in many ways. My CEO thought that if I could work with a professional coach like Michael,… Read more “Christopher Vercelli, GTM”

Christopher Vercelli, GTM
Sales Leader/Board Advisor

I started working with Michael Whatmore to break away from the daily administrative tasks and headaches of running a professional business. My goal was to put 100% of my focus where it had to be,… Read more “Albert G. Stoll”

Al Stoll, Founder
Albert G. Stoll, Jr., A Law Corporation

Michael is an excellent communicator with a unique ability to listen and draw the best out of participants. I will take this training again as I know there is more to learn from… Read more “Ken Nangle, CEO”

Ken Nangle, CEO
Ken Nangle Consulting

The feedback I received from the neutrals was positive – at least five more neutrals emailed asking for the dial-in info to listen to the recording of your… Read more “Serena K. Lee”

Serena K. Lee Esq. Vice President
American Arbitration Association

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