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Experience may be a good teacher, but, in the world of business, the steep learning curve takes time, and that is risky! CEO’s, C Level Executives, and Entrepreneurial business owners can hardly afford the luxury of unscrambling things as they go. The cost is too great, or potentially fatal.

Michael Whatmore brings 35 years of Executive business experience to the table.

His goal; to support each client to win real gains, allowing coachees to see their businesses, careers and their lives from a richer perspective. He offers:

Let Michael help you rediscover your inspiration and motivation for being in business. His guidance to correct your current business trajectory relieves stress. Home-in on your flight path, and develop the skills to overcome challenges, seize fresh opportunities for growth, and discover strengths that reinforce your leadership and your company.

Michael offers dynamic DiSC Training Seminars for your team in specialties such as Leadership, Management Strategies, Productive Conflict, and more. He is a dynamic facilitator, a keynote speaker, and a business development consultant.

Use the Four Forces of Flight to Make Course Corrections
in Your Business and Life


Lift = Weight

Thrust = Drag

Use the Four Forces of Flight to Make Course Corrections
in Your Business and Life


Things that propel you, provide urgency and momentum. Being supported, making requests. New knowledge, insights. Physical energy.


Things you find uplifting; spirituality, humor, giving and receiving love or appreciation. Things that give you a boost or a sense of exhilaration; buoyancy, freedom and joy. Having fun.


Things that weigh you down. Heavy burdens. Things you are resigned to. Obligations you wish you didn’t have. Deadlines that seem impossible to meet. Guilt, resentments.


Things that hold you back or impede your progress. Tedium; things that present frustration, irritations or boredom. Negative complaints. Needless paperwork and burdensome rules.


Lift = Weight

Thrust = Drag

What to Expect

Michael brings certainty to coaching. Ensuring the right fit and establishing mutual trust are essential components to a successful coaching engagement. Thus, Michael begins with a 45-minute, pro bono coaching consultation to:

Michael’s perspective is that every business owner is capable of greatness. His client-centered approach focuses on real-world issues, which business executives face daily. He engages the imagination and creativity of the leaders he works with.

Constructive feedback with continual support and sound advice helps clients unlock the answers to their most stubborn challenges.

Make your decision with confidence.

Reach out to Michael now! email: [email protected] or phone (650) 444-5881 and schedule your free Discovery Session.

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Four “must have” elements are critical to your business growth: Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Strategy. These important documents function as a Homing Guidance System, like keeping your flight path on track and business thriving. Wise leaders use them to get better results, and to grow their companies with less stress...

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