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As a leader, it can be scary to have questions and have nowhere to turn. Over the last 30 years, Executive Coaching San Fransisco has been the trusted resource for executives and managers just like you. Please explore our frequently asked questions below and don’t hesitate to ask us directly with a quick message here:

Over three decades, ECSF has worked with hundreds of business owners and CEOs across North America. Every engagement is a personal journey and reflects the goals of our client. Simply put, your needs and aspirations are paramount.

Coaching facilitates people in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives.

Executive coaching is a high-impact developmental partnership between coach and business leader (client), where both engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and challenges the client to maximize personal and professional potential. Executive coaches are often thought of as thought partners, accountability partners, advisors, sounding boards, advocates, and people who challenge you all at once.

Foremost, for me, is to identify and help clarify your goals, your timeframe and intended outcomes. My role is to help you define a vision, mission, and purpose that produces a personal legacy for you in business.

Career Coaching is best for persons who are dissatisfied with current progress and who require greater clarity to identify career possibilities, develop strengths, skills, and values through a personality assessment such as an Everything DiSC profile.

Performance Coaching is targeted on the performance of either an individual, a team, or executive performance. The objective is to help leaders prepare psychologically, physically, emotionally, and professionally, to face challenging situations in the business world.

Leadership Coaching follows the sole purpose of developing and enhancing leadership skills in executives and their teams. The coach helps the individual to discover ways and means to encourage delegation, develop an authentic trust in teamwork, and being mindful of valued leadership skills that include kindness, selflessness, confidence, and genuine self-awareness.

Organizational or Business Coaching concentrates on improving the overall performance of the business organization. The coach acts as a confidential sounding board, who asks questions and listens for clues as to who this person is being. The executive receives feedback from the coach to help with improving communications. Open discussions lead to gaining insights, and to clarify questions, enabling the person to solve problems of their own accord.

A life coach works on personal matters, by helping a client create and align their life objectives. Coaching creativity for a life in alignment and equilibrium with personal goals and values.

Mentoring, usually provided by a person of experience, sharing knowledge, who is intended to guide another for professional development.

Training, such sessions are usually conducted in a classroom setting. A trainer teaches clients about the best practices and imparts knowledge and wisdom.

Consulting, Consulting is providing specialized expertise, and knowledge, to identify problems and appropriate solutions.

Management is the authority to act in a direct manner to oversee employees making progress to attain a certain outcome.

Therapy has a focus on identifying a past event that stops a person from moving forward. It is intended as a healing process. Executive coaching is forward looking and focuses on attaining a certain future outcome.

A heightened self-awareness, a catalyst that leads to growth. A sharp self-awareness in a leader correlates with higher levels of effectiveness, leading to greater business profitability.

Improved self-regulation, is an acute understanding of managing one’s own reactions and behaviors.

Improved empathy is the ability to comprehend the feelings of others. Like standing in another person’s shoes, thinking from the perspective of another person.

Flexibility in thought is ridding oneself of rigid thinking, and having the courage to recognize solutions that may be outside your traditional belief systems.

Heightened levels of motivation, a leader that demonstrates initiative-taking, keeps a team motivated to strive for quality, and work better together.

Improved leadership abilities, leading by example validates a passion for making it easier for their followers to do the same. It is essential for organizations to have an effective leader.

Achieve personal growth, the true purpose of executive coaching is to help, and you cut through all the “noise,” and facilitate your journey and your own commitment to accomplish an objective.

Deepened emotional intelligence, an ability to be aware, express, and control personal emotions in ways that approach interpersonal relationships thoughtfully.

Better use of resources, through making optimum use of energy, skills, and time to achieve your intended goals, in business and in life.

Enhanced overall concentration, important skills such as tracking your progress, learning to set simple goals like targeting the outcome for each day to be better than the last, transforming into a better executive.

  • I help entrepreneurs to visualize creative scenarios for future opportunities,
  • Facilitate thinking beyond the constraints of what you already know, to target new strategies for moving forward
  • Aid in transforming dreams into commitments, and enthusiasm into results,
  • Ease the creation of business plans that are grounded in realistic outcomes,
  • Support realizable goals, and objectives, and provide “feed-forward” in their attainment.
  • I will provide a source for innovative ideas with experienced insights, proven approaches
  • Contribute personal attention and momentum for ventures that may otherwise never get underway
  • Make available a singular coach with whom to collaborate, invent and discover
  • Become a foundation of new networks, and alliances that expand your reach
  • Enable an eagle’s view of your endeavors, focused on high-value actions vs. low-value activities to assist managers to free-up valuable time and energy
  • Help identify new opportunities, and develop tactics for handling challenges
  • Alter personal reactions to apparent obstacles, to enable creative ways forward.
  • My contributions are fresh perspectives, and objective observations.
  • To impart a uniform dialogue, a steadfast means of staying focused.
  • The concentration to keep working on your business; not just working in it.
  • Solution-based expertise provides experienced brainstorming techniques for more effective decision making.
  • A non-judgmental collaborator, who is fully committed to your success.
  • Help identify new opportunities, and develop tactics for handling challenges
  • Provides a thinking-partner, without the downside of partnership concerns.

Executive coaching produces a whopping 788% ROI, plus the benefits from employee retention, 529% ROI! Almost 20% of executives indicated an ROI of at least 5000% in an independent survey, while a further 28% saw an ROI of 1000-5000%. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 86% of organizations surveyed experienced an ROI on coaching engagements, and 96% of those who had an Executive Coach said they would repeat the process again.

Other studies indicate positive ROIs too:

  • 53% of executives reported improved executive productivity.
  • 63% of executives reported improved peer-to-peer working relationships.
  • 48% of executives reported improvements in organizational strengths.
  • 70% reported enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships.
  • 39% of executives reported gains in customer service personnel.
  • 32% of executives reported increased retention.
  • 67% of executives reported enhanced teamwork.
  • 52% of executives reported increased job satisfaction.

An ideal time to engage with an executive coach is when you:

  • Are promoted to a new position of leadership and wants/requires new skills.
  • Are driven to increase the probability of promotion.
  • Lack fulfillment in your current job situation.
  • Are looking for a career transition.
  • Want to improve your abilities to influence, inspire and manage others.
  • Are feeling burnout is your road to the future.
  • Feel stressed and overwhelmed because of your job.
  • Feel that your current strengths/talents are lacking for career opportunity.
  • Feel your organization can do better, if working at their maximum potential.
Executive coaching is designed to facilitate the creation/development of professional and/or business goals. And to develop and conduct a strategy to achieve those goals. Executive coaching is a valuable standard for leaders today. Often, coaching is noted as the key differentiator in elevating an executive career, including professional successes, and personal life enjoyment. Executive coaching can help you achieve your business goals. Equipping you with business expertise, and the ways and means to plan and strategize your future. You will uncover new skills, and behaviors that help attain your business goals.

Executive coaching focuses on organizational culture, business climate and individual development (particularly leadership skills) that will lead to development of the business. An executive coach addresses the professional aspirations of a leader, training C-suite, and V/P executives.

Business coaching takes a more immediate approach, focusing directly on business issues and goals. Business coaches address everyone involved in the business, while facilitating specific goals.

My coach training began in my early days of executive management. My discovery as a professional manager was much more time for planning important next moves. I was particularly interested in helping every manager who reported to me to get better at their jobs. I conducted annual management seminars for my teams, and for the support teams that my managers relied on. The intention was to help the entire organization do better in business and in their lives.

My coach training began in my early days of executive management. My discovery as a professional manager was much more time for planning important next moves. I was particularly interested in helping every manager who reported to me to get better at their jobs. I conducted annual management seminars for my teams, and for the support teams that my managers relied on. The intention was to help the entire organization do better in business and in their lives.

My Coach Training included four executive and leadership coaching programs, ontological coaching, public speaker training and more. My focus includes who a client is being in their organization, only then, strategizing on what they are doing in their organization. When these two functions align, profound leaps in leadership become possible.

My professional coaching has included high-achieving leaders, particularly those who are moving through transitions or taking on big challenges. Leaders ranging from C-suite executives to mid-level management, employed in Fortune 500 companies, across highly diverse industries, including technology, finance, professional legal, biotech, media, professional accounting, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations.

The conditions that distinguish our most successful clients are commitment and fit. Collaboration with clientele who are committed to the coaching process, and who are ready and willing to do the work of effecting change are most successful in advancing their business interests.

It is important to find the right fit between coach and client. Moreso than industry or title, how an extraordinary working relationship with the leader of a company, collaborating with an executive coach, can produce surprising results is a credit to all involved.

We offer 1:1 individual and group coaching on the phone, over Zoom video calls, and in-person. We can co-create the type of coaching engagement that will work best for your personal/business needs.
The investment for coaching with me is $4500.00 for three months. My initial contract is renewable on a month-to-month basis thereafter. I use a simple one-page contract that illuminates each parties’ responsibilities and expectations.
If within the first month of our coaching contract, if for any reason whatsoever, you are dissatisfied with your progress, I will return all your money and we will remain friends.

Many of the organizations that I have been associated with have hired me to help bring their key and emerging leaders forward. The significance of a corporate engagement is that I owe progress reports to the company.

I have found that many executives want to invest in improving their skill set without corporate oversite. In such cases, my contract is with an executive or business owner who hires me directly rather than contracting through their organization. My duty for feedback is entirely confidential, only with my client. On occasion, these contracts have included an executive team.

Coaching is a partnership, and like any partnership, finding the right partner is critical for the arrangement to thrive. This means that the fit between coach and client is most important when you are searching for a coach.

The remarkable thing about scheduling discovery calls with a variety of coaches is to discover a style where you really connect. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Coaching is a remarkable profession, I will guide you through a process of inquiry, feedback, looking inward to discover not just what you have accomplished, how you work and what inspires you. I will want to know what gets in your way and what you find challenging, also, what motivates you and is purposeful for you. Together we will generate plans that will shift your situation and help you reach your goals.
During one-on-one meetings, I will coach the dialogue that is getting in the way of your intended outcome. Client experiences are distinctly personal, and confidential, they can include any topic of discussion that gets in the way of your intended result.

A consulting engagement, the consultant’s role is that of an expert. Advice on a particular subject is what an organization seeks. Consultants provide expert analysis and recommendations, advising on specific solutions with strategies, based on their own experience.

Executive coaching is a co-creative partnership between coach and client, where both engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that is intended to inspire and challenge a client. This maximizes personal and professional potential. The coaching approach is much more connected to questions than answers, a skilled coach guides conversations to help a client uncover blind spots, build deeper awareness, and arrive at their own conclusions.

My view of coaching and consulting is they live on the same continuum. My objective is to be a coach for my clients. There are times, however, when my experiences bring clarity to a situation, when this occurs, I will offer my expertise as a solution.

I coach leaders who are ready to do the work involved with coaching and ready to make meaningful changes in business and in their lives. If you are committed and open to the experience, we will partner in a way that supports your goals. If you expect overnight changes and quick fixes to your challenges, my coaching partnership will not work. My promise is a meaningful relationship that can lead to change, a product of incremental shifts and experiential learning.

It is impossible to know exactly how working together will produce a satisfactory outcome for you. The work I do is tailored to your needs. My focus though is on giving you alternate perspectives, which will lead to new ways of thinking about your challenges. With courage, these will lead to new action steps you can take, leading to meaningful change. If you are committed to the process, you will accomplish what you set out to do in our coaching partnership. A final word on this subject, my guarantee during the first month of a contract should assuage any hesitation.

I will not just tell you what to do; my entire being is to ask questions of you and to commiserate on finding solutions that best fit your circumstances.

The Only Shortcut in Business Worth Taking:

Executive Coaching San Francisco Supports Decision Makers Across the Country to Reach Their Full Potential, So They Can Lead Their Company With Distinction and Success.

Four “must have” elements are critical to your business growth: Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Strategy. These important documents function as a Homing Guidance System, like keeping your flight path on track and business thriving. Wise leaders use them to get better results, and to grow their companies with less stress.

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