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Michael Whatmore is an expert speaker, trainer and coach. As a former business executive, he experienced the joy, genuine value and power of structuring effective teams, and led to following his passion of working with people. Consistent with his ongoing curiosity in human behavior, Michael’s view of the “perceived” differences between weaknesses and strengths of certain personalities is that weaknesses often show up as undervalued strengths and not necessarily obstacles. This view also depends on how the aspects of our personalities are used. Michael relies on personality profiles as a way to guide management teams and provide objective executive assessment. Practiced in the use of Everything DiSC, his coaching contributes to the leadership growth of managers and executive teams, which quickly and easily understand motivations and discover how to use Everything DiSC to build on their communications and strengthen personal leadership styles. No DiSC style is better or worse than any other; every style adds something important to effective working relationships. Michael’s clients are often surprised with the insights that Everything DiSC delivers and their usefulness in team building.


More effective work relationships can change your life


Michael combines his business leadership accreditations with personal experiences to deliver leadership development based on authentic situations for real-world leaders. Skilled managers understand that investment in personal development can markedly improve their business lives, outcomes and personnel. Everything DiSC is such an investment. Used wisely, personal growth results emerge, which correlate with overall performance, improved bottom line and reduced employee turnover. Michael believes that personal development is not an event but a process. This process facilitates understanding and promotes underpinnings in organizational culture, ensuring that fresh ideas and behaviors are fully integrated into your organization. Michael Whatmore builds trust and rapport with his clients and has a genuine belief in the innate brilliance of human beings. When coaching individuals on their DiSC styles, his observations, techniques and advice encourage more effective and truly engaged teams.


Research and compliance


Many studies have been completed on the efficacy of DiSC. When measuring behaviors, motivators, acumen or proficiency, a recent review concluded that no evidence exists to suggest a bias in any DiSC assessments that could cause an adverse influence regarding gender, race or disability status. Subgroups were determined to be U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity compliant and well within psychometric guidelines for the population median. We use it as an integral part of our executive assessment process. To learn more about how Everything DiSC analysis can enhance your professional management and performance, contact Michael today.


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Why Team Building Tools like DiSC Can Strengthen Team Dynamics

Why Team Building Tools like DiSC Can Strengthen Team Dynamics

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Disc Personality Profiles & Leadership Styles. Illuminating a High-D Style

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