Why Team Building Tools like DiSC Can Strengthen Team Dynamics

by | Mar 10, 2015

keynote_blog_jun_13_2Following a career-long interest in human behavior, Michael uses personality profiles and team building tools as a way to positively direct management teams. Michael is practiced in the use of DiSC and brings new insights to management, sales and executive teams. He helps clients and their employees quickly and easily understand their motivations, face their fears, reveal their blind spots and build upon their strengths — all in a nonthreatening environment.

DiSC is a personality assessment tool that classifies individuals in four categories: (1) Dominance; (2) Influence; (3) Steadiness; and (4) Conscientiousness. The DiSC model is often used in business, employee screening, education and leadership development. To varying degrees, these four traits make up our personality. We can identify the strongest trait and garner greater insight into our behavior and that of others. In the workplace, we can use team building tools like DiSC to better understand personality strengths and help teams develop more productive relationships and engage in effective communication.

Why is this important? A “high D” personality wants to have a quick conversation, get the work done and make fast decisions; conversely, a “high I” type wants to spend more time talking and socializing — something in which the “high D” counterpart is not interested. When we understand these differences and how each team member communicates, we can take steps to modify our behavior. With this presentation, audiences will gain greater insight into their personality traits and take this knowledge back to their teams to create a culture of effective communication and positive results.

This keynote is ideal for:

  • Corporations.
  • Business owners.
  • Senior managers.
  • Team leaders.

Format options:

  • 60-90 minute keynote.
  • Half-day session.
  • Four-part series.

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