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How To Help Employees You Inherit Buy Into Your Vision

Inheriting an existing team when you come into a new organization or business in a leadership role is a pressured situation and challenge. The first weeks and months are critical to re-shaping the organization. More communication with employees is required at the start to establish trust, rapport and importantly a united understanding of how the organization is moving forward.

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The Power of Listening Lies In How You Listen

We live in a world where communication dominates our day to day life. However, we will often hear slectively. The power of listening lies in taking an interest in what others actually have to say.

“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” — Doug Larson

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Why Managing Change Can Fail Without a Clear Vision and Mission

One of the most common analogies for organizational vision is a roadmap. The leader’s vision guides the vehicle—or the company—towards that destination, managing change along the way. Eric Basu, Forbes contributor, offers a different viewpoint: “The vision is the reason for being in the car and driving in the first place.” This statement highlights the importance of establishing vision, which is step one in my model for managing complex change. A map has many alternate routes, but the reason for being “on the road”—or in your business—remains constant. Getting at that reason often trips up an organization.

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How Negative Self Talk Can Impact Your Performance and Goals

It may surprise you to know that many cognitive theorists have emphasized a strong link between what people say to themselves and their behaviour. Studies suggest that this inner dialogue can affect a person’s emotional and behavioral outcomes, bringing on anxiety and negative thoughts during a presentation, completing a project or a performance.

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