Executive Coaching

Experience is the best teacher and the steep learning curve of the business world can be risky. This means that chief executive officers, executives and new business owners can rarely afford the luxury of figuring out things as they go.

Michael Whatmore draws from 30 years in C-level management positions across North America. His Executive Coaching services offer middle and senior managers and business executives a fresh perspective on solving today’s problems and issues. Strong and effective leadership is critical to achieving company goals. This entire company looks to these leaders for inspiration, effective communication and establishment of a clear path for success.

How Does an Executive Coach Help You Create and Implement an Action Plan?

Written by Michael Whatmore

Michael Whatmore Create And Implement An Action PlanAs an executive coach, I serve my client’ aspirations; my senses are always tuned towards empathy (i.e., the characteristics driving their decisions). Among these characteristics are emotional reactions, thoughts, feelings, and the things about which they care deeply from their hearts. In the course of the corporate coaching process, my role is to help spawn fresh ideas and perspectives.

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