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Michael Whatmore Inspires His Audiences to Embrace Change

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You’re looking for a fresh voice to inspire and engage. You want someone with wisdom, depth, and a touch of humility …someone who can “hold the room” with a commanding, compassionate presence.

If you’re planning an in-house company conference/retreat or seeking speakers for an industry event, Michael Whatmore offers 60- to 90-minute keynote addresses on a variety of topics.

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Keynote Address Topics

• Communicate Your Business with Power
• Build a Cohesive Team
• Learn the Power of Personality Assessment Tools
• Know Your Client and Close the Deal
• Be Smart When You Network
• Know the “Human” Side of Business Resources
• Speaker Packages
• 60 to 90-minute keynotes
• Half-day sessions
• Four-part series
• Customized programs to stimulate fresh ideas

Presentation topics:

“Understanding DiSC” as an executive assessment tool that classifies individuals in four main categories: (1) Dominance; (2) Influence; (3) Steadiness; and (4) Conscientiousness.

“How Personality Affects Your Sales Style”

For a salesperson, the ability to connect and personality are as important as the product or service you are trying to pitch. People buy from those whom they like and trust. The DiSC personality model provides an opportunity for a better understanding of the people to whom you are selling. When you understand them, your approach can ease communications and make a significant difference in your outcomes.

This keynote is ideal for:

  • Business owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Senior management
  • Sales managers

“How Personality Dynamics Strengthen Your Management Team”

To varying degrees, the four traits of our personalities are derived from DiSC. We can identify the strongest trait and garner greater insight into our behavior as well as that of others. In the workplace, we can use our understanding of personality strengths to build teams, develop more productive relationships and engage in effective communication. Why is this important? A “high D” personality wants to have a quick conversation, get the work done and make fast decisions; conversely, a “high I” type wants to spend more time talking and socializing — something in which the “high D” counterpart is not interested. When we understand these differences and how each team member communicates, we can take steps to modify our behavior for more productive outcomes.

This keynote is ideal for:

  • Corporations
  • CEOs and business owners
  • Senior managers
  • Team leaders

Creating Powerful Teams:

Teams are incredibly powerful forces in business. Getting your people aligned with the same goals is critical; however, getting a diverse group to realize this concept and pull together can be challenging. How can organizations create strong teams? The answer may surprise you: constructive meetings! One of the most important aspects of building teams is having regular meetings — perhaps somewhat different than the ones you are accustomed to attending.

Michael teaches CEOs how to positively direct management teams with personality profiles. The use of DiSC brings new insights to management, sales and executive teams. Discover how to quickly and easily understand motivations, face fears, reveal blind spots and build upon team strengths—all in a nonthreatening environment.

This keynote is ideal for:

  • Creating cohesive teams
  • Effective leadership
  • Improving Communications
  • Companies with professional management teams in place

Presentations are delivered individually in your office. Topics can be tailor-made or combined others to meet your specific needs, Michael’s keynotes can be customized and delivered in the following formats:

• 60- to 90-minute keynotes
• Half-day sessions – custom
• Four-part series – created to fit your needs

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