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Why Transformational Leadership Training is Invaluable for a New CEO inheriting existing staff

Being the new kid on the block and the leader are not easy. Staff will not automatically know what you expect nor will they necessarily fall into alignment with your vision. In addition to a preexisting corporate culture and social hierarchy, you very often have political sensitivities, back stories, and even latent conflicts, making communications messy.

How do you make it work? As a new leader, the first critical step is to be certain you have alignment of purpose (i.e., everyone at least facing the same direction).

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How to Increase Workforce Productivity By Adding Workplace Competition

According to a recent survey, nearly half of senior managers believe that employee competitiveness has increased over the last decade.

Orchestrating internal competition is a good way to increase workforce productivity and leverage the natural undercurrent that exists in an organization. Creating and recognizing a fast-track organizational achievement is a brilliant management move.

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Applying Hewitt-Gleeson’s X10 Thinking, CVS and BVS Principles to Your Team Leadership

Often, “why” can be considered a challenge, and reactions to that word can be a bit testy. Folks naturally want to defend their current view. If they are not careful, the idea of asking why certain things happen can perhaps lead to defensive explanations rather than thoughtful views of what the situation could become. The worst-case scenario is that people continue to hold the same view and defend their position—without considering ways to improve it.

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Any Employee Can Leave a Lasting Leadership Legacy

World leaders to CEOs to winning coaches all leave legacies—a stamp they have left on the world or on their small corner of it. However, the desire and the ability to leave a lasting leadership legacy isn’t reserved solely for those with titles.

A leadership legacy isn’t about titles; it’s about the impact one can make.

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