Excellent Communicator

Michael is an excellent communicator with a unique ability to listen and draw the best out of participants. By using the attendees and his own unique circumstances as examples, he was able to convey the importance of technique, tools and practices.  The pace of the session was good, finished on time while highlighting relevant content along the way.  I’d actually take this training again as I know there’s more to learn from Michael.

Ken N.

Ability to ‘Stay in the Moment’

It was a pleasure seeing you again at our most recent training. I was particularly impressed by your ability to ‘stay in the moment’ and really listen carefully to each individuals contribution and provide the best possible feedback.

Irvin T.

Stepped-up my Professional Speaking

Thank you for your insight and coaching when speaking about my business, your advice comes to mind every time I am preparing for my next presentation. Following your suggestions has stepped-up my professional speaking several notches!

Erin C.

Productive Speaker Training Session

What a productive speaker training session! Thank you SO much! Feet planted firmly, arms gesturing, bend knees occasionally! Great advice for someone who needs to relax when speaking…

Bob L.

Lots of Good Ideas to Meet my Goals

This was a valuable class. Very practical and useful, I’ve gotten lots of good ideas to meet my goals. What a wonderful speaker and lecturer that Michael is!  I would definitely attend another class offered by him. Thanks.

Showing O.

See the Difference

Thanks so much Michael! Really enjoyed the session and have already implemented some of the stuff we discussed into my latest presentation and can see the difference. Thanks again!

Shiri G.

Really Effective in Focusing Attention

Thanks again for an excellent presentation. I’ve already used the forms you gave us for my first seminar and they were really effective in focusing attention!

Allen S.

Challenge of Doubling Sales in Five Years is Well Ahead of Plan

Tec is tearing it up!
We’ve just had a record Quarter, doubling historic sales, and appear to be on track for +15% in 2014! That’s on the tail of increases in 2013 of 11% and 18% in 2012. So the challenge of doubling sales in 5 years is well ahead of plan; which is quite amazing.

Steve S., CEO

You are a Natural-Born Coach

Doc Whatmore

Can’t thank you enough for all of your help with every aspect of my “new life” as the self-employed. You are a natural-born coach!

After attending an ombudsman program, which means little to nothing in this country, especially private enterprise, (who it seems need it the most), I realized that this is what I have been doing (and wish to continue to do) for many years. The field is wide open and I am going for it! This will be the emphasis of my web presence, my whole new focus.

Your favorite PI,


Pamela M.

In Just Six Months of Weekly Meetings, My Patient-Load Doubled

My work with Michael Whatmore began in June 2003 and has taken my practice to new levels. In just six months of weekly meetings, my patient-load doubled. My self-assurance was boosted to a point that enabled me to hire my first employee. Engaging a therapist to handle my significant massage practice was a major breakthrough; currently my practice employs three therapists and I am encouraged to relocate to accommodate more growth.

While not in dire need of a business coach at the time, my decision to employ Michael was in the same vein as my “well care attitude” toward my practice and my patients. Michael’s gentle communication style, coupled with his business acumen, inspired my becoming a better public speaker and to carry the healthful message of my acupuncture practice forward. Almost three years later, we continue working on other professional awareness projects that are clearly moving my practice to the next level.

Beth S.

The Value of an Independent Perspective

The value that Michael Whatmore brings is of an independent perspective. One that is candid and not caught up with the “story” that we sometimes choose to live. It is important for me to have trusted people in my life. People like Michael are few and far between because there is risk in being honest. Too many of my associates are more interested in being liked than in being honest.

Mike S.

I am skeptical about some business coaches, but you are the real thing!

Thank you SO MUCH!

Michael you are very kind and generous in sharing your wisdom. You are a business coach who has real knowledge, real experience and real success to draw from. I am skeptical about some business coaches, but you are the real thing!

Thanks again,

Jane R. MA, C.Ht. M.Ht.

I whole-heartedly recommend him to any businessperson…

I credit Michaels’ wise counsel and gracious support in helping make a huge difference (all for the better) in both my professional and personal efforts. Mr. Whatmore is a man of outstanding personal character, business knowledge and coaching skills, he possesses a gracious spirit. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to any businessperson and would be more than happy to directly answer any questions that you may have.

Thomas G.

His suggestions – useful and insightful

Working with Michael Whatmore as my business coach is a great privilege for me. While supporting me in my goals, he has been instrumental for my achieving three distinct areas of business that I pursue and in helping me keep my family life well in balance.

His suggestions are both useful and insightful. He can clearly see things that are possible with my practice that I have been unable to see. He gently points them out in a clear, positive and constructive way so that I may easily act on them. At every turn, he respects and supported my needs, my long and short term goals – completely and without judgment.

Michael has helped me grow my businesses more than I thought possible, I now work smarter not harder.

Cindy S.

I value your coaching

I value your coaching… it’s what I needed to become a better manager.

Gwen O.

I value your insight and vision of my strengths

My warmest thanks are extended to you for meeting with me.  I didn’t expect to be so touched and to reach into topics that create pain for me, as I go into business.  I value your insight and hope to gain a greater vision of my strengths, you ask such great questions!  Again thank you so much for your forthcoming sensitivity. With all respect.

Marlene S.

Thanks for the great coaching!

Thanks for the great coaching! I make use of your 90-day action planner which is proving to be very successful for a project I’m currently working on. Also, the way you taught me to take control of a meeting works like a charm! I discovered ways to use it with my Sunday school kids! You are very wise.

Teresa R.

The whole coaching process was amazing – very educational

In retrospect the whole coaching process was amazing and very educational. It helped me realize more than ever what we have created and what we can provide in so many ways, for others. I truly appreciate your professionalism.

Thanks for all of your support and guidance; I look forward to being fully involved as we move forward.

Doug B.

Your passion to help others and keep everyone on track is impressive

The entire group seemed very engaged and willing to listen about the value of contributing ideas to the team.  Of course, no group is successful without a great leader.  Your passion to help others and keep everyone on track is impressive.  Thank you again.

Bryan A

Excellent business coaching

Everything you’ve given me to do is really paying off. I just had the best first quarter of my career. My employees are happy too. Excellent business coaching – thanks.

John H.

You gave me back my life!

You gave me back my life! My teams are achieving more than ever imagined and for the first time, I now have time for my family.

Sree M., M.Eng
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