A Strong Company Culture Does Not Happen By Accident. Here Are Some Ways That Managers Can Be Culture Builders

by | Feb 23, 2016

exec_coach_blog_2015_08_25A strong company culture doesn’t just happen, it is carefully orchestrated. When handled with care, a distinct culture becomes evident in everything you do; from how your business functions, how your employees are treated, the way your dealings with suppliers and customers are conducted, even to how your teams have fun.

Whether your workplace is casual, creative, social or competitive, a cohesive workplace culture reinforces the way your business operates. Clearly productivity improves when an inclusive culture makes every person feel like they’re part of the team.

The secret to a strong company culture has its foundation in leadership. Beginning with YOU! Every executive, department head and team manager needs to act and communicate in ways that speak to the vision, mission and values of your company. Sometimes this can be challenging for a manger if there’s disparity or a mismatch between a personal belief and those of your company.

I have seen it happen that based on a personal belief, a manager may behave or communicate in ways that counter corporate culture, this can be confusing for others and detrimental to productivity. While it can be chalked up to human nature, its not good for business. It is for this reason that I highly recommend that during the hiring process, candidates get to read and comment on how they will contribute to your values and to your workplace culture.

This article from the Harvard Business Review: reviews “Three Skills Every 21st Century Manager Needs” it recognizes the importance of adapting to a workplace culture. It points out that today’s companies are more global; often with diverse workplaces that are situated in various countries around the world. Leaders with the skill to put their own personality and beliefs on the back burner and ability to adapt to workplace culture, greatly contribute to the success of their organization.

You can become a “culture builder” by demonstrating behavior. Being a proactive leader means you are mindful of your actions and their impact on those around you. Your actions set the tone for employees, and speak more loudly than your words. Your behavior and communications influences workplace culture far more than you may realize. The good you do is also slow to be recognized and can quickly be diminished, so taking good care of a reputation is vital to your success.

Leading by the example you want others to follow, and avoiding emotional reactions demonstrates wisdom. Thoughtful solutions that are aligned with your company vision and mission help secure a workplace culture that others are proud of. Most of all, every action, reaction and comment, ought to be in sync with your company’s values to ensure your company culture remains intact.

As a 21st Century leader, you will undoubtedly face situations requiring forward thinking. Bear in mind your actions set the tone for employees and affect performance; and your behavior will either make or break your workplace culture. My encouragement is to respond with the wisdom that preserves a strong company culture.

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